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Bucket Elevator

A Bucket Elevator is used in material handling system. It is used to elevate any material to appropriate destination by using of buckets.


We are renowned manufacture of Pug Mill It is a system in which materials are simultaneously ground and mixed with a liquid. Industrial applications are found in pottery, bricks, cement and some parts of the concrete and asphalt mixing processes. A pug mill is a fast continuous mixer. A continuous pug mill can achieve a thoroughly mixed, homogeneous mixture in a few seconds.It can be double shaft or single shaft.


We are well- known for manufacturing high quality and efficient Conveyors We provide conveyors as per client’s requirement. Various types of conveyor mainly used in Material handling systems.

 Below mentioned types of Conveyors we provide:-


We are a renowned manufacturer of the Telescopic Chute. We make use of the high quality components which enables the high efficiency with the long term usage. Telescopic chutes are also known as loading bellow and loading spout. Telescopic chutes are used for rapid and efficient dust free loading of dry bulk solids to tankers and open trucks. Free flowing bulk solids in powder and granule form are easily transferred from silos, hoppers to tankers, open trucks, ships or stockpiles.


Submerged conveyors are used for the disposal and cooling down of combustion residue like ash and slag from incinerators. Dependent on the materials to be conveyed the types of submerged conveyors differ. They are used for a large variety of materials like slag granulate, ash from anthracite- and lignite furnaces and for the transportation of smelting residue and residual ash. The hot material falls through a water quench and is cooled while it settles. Water quenching is guaranteed hermetically sealed.

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